Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writers Block

The cold is subsiding, and I can feel myself getting back to normal. I'm really excited to get back to work on myself once I feel completely better. I'm noticing though that I'm running out of "inspiration" easily, and it may be because I don't have much variety in my activities. I only have like 8 things I ever do, and I think if I were to go out and try new things and have more to write about. But that begs the question, what the hell can I do?

I'd like to do some research into interesting things there are in Miami (I'm sure theres something), or just Florida in general. Not only would it give me great blogging topics, but it'd make for killer vlogs. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them. Or just any suggestions for post in general? What do you like seeing from me? Let me know! Good night friends! Love ya!

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