Monday, March 7, 2016

Ready To Fuck It Up (In A Beautiful And Loving Way)

Its a Monday, and I'm back from the weekend pretty much cured of the common cold and ready to fuck my life up (in a beautiful and loving way).

I went to my therapist today, for the first time in forever, and I feel like a new man. If you haven't been to a therapist, I'd like to describe it as taking your brain to the mechanic. Your car (brain) is going to need a tune up every once and awhile. It feels like my therapist and I kinda sit there and take my brain out, and scrub it nice and clean. Its a brain shower. Its fantastic. Going today really helped me sort my shit out, by reminding my that I need to adjust my short term goals and act on them. For example, by summer I'm going to want a new job (preferably something in television or film). So instead of sitting here and saying I want a job, I need to actually set aside some time to look for jobs every day.

This afternoon I went to grab some lunch, and realized I needed to do some grocery shopping. I was pretty bummed because I ended up failing myself and eating McDonalds, something that I've been trying to quit and kind of consider an addiction (as silly as that sounds). After work I went shopping, so that doesn't have to happen again. I'm hoping to start a new work out this, from a set of videos posted by Tom Daley. While the videos kind of seem like he's pandering towards a gay audience (aka he's shirtless a lot), the guy is an olympic athlete so he obviously knows his stuff.

Today was another step in becoming a better person! I'm excited for starting more tomorrow! Love ya!

P.S I posted a new video where I try to make a smoothie, check it out!

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