Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm Sick (Not The Cool Kid Kind)

I'm sick. Not the cool sick like the kids are saying, I mean congestion, sore throat and overdosing on cold medicine sick. I woke feeling absolutely terrible, skipped work/school and slept for most of the day. Once my family got home, I hung out with them for a bit and watched some Fuller House. Fuller House is one of the best television shows of this lifetime, and if you haven't started watching it you are a severely hurt individual that needs help.

My being sick kinda sucked because I was really hoping to get a lot of shit done today. Hopefully within the next couple of days, I'll feel well enough to do some things on the ever-growing to-do list. Updates to come. But for now, this night quill is starting to kick so I should go. Bye pals, love ya!

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