Thursday, March 3, 2016

Healthy Living - Update

Today while out with some friends, someone asked me how my health plan had been going, which inspired the whole table to start asking me. It sucked to sit there and say that I haven't really followed through completely.

Once I get over this cold, I'm 100% going to work out regularly again, and not just once a week. I've got my classic exercise plan that I use, but I think I need to find some more so I can alternate and have a bit of variety. Not just because I feel like it'd be good for my body, but I think I'd be more willing to work out if I wasn't doing the same routine every time. Eating healthy is going alright, I think I could be doing a lot better. I'd like to lay off of fast-food, and while I'm not sure how well that'll work out, I think its worth giving a shot. I need to learn a few more quick things to be able to make for lunch, because I assume I'll be sick of sandwiches and wraps pretty soon. I tend to look for 'healthy alternatives' when I'm out to eat, but I don't all the time, which is something I need to fix.

I'd really like to see some difference within the next couple months, and I think its possible if I'm stick to this and don't stray from it. It'll be great way to assure myself that my work is paying off. Not only that, but summer is fast approaching and I need to get my #beachbod ready. Good night pals, love ya!

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