Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Death To My Abs and Reflecting On My First Part-Time Job

I did an ab workout this afternoon before work, and I already feel the presence of death in my core. Because of that work out, I consider today pretty successful. Mostly because I've been wanting to work out for over a week now, and I finally got it done. I ate kind of okay, but I'm positive I can do much better tomorrow. I woke today to a dirty room, and felt pretty unmotivated. It wasn't till a few hours later, after I cleaned up, that I remembered that I wasn't going to be able to turn my thoughts (of cleaning, working out etc) into a reality if I wasn't putting any action towards them. After that I cleaned up my room a bit, and did the killer ab work out.

I consider a good day a work to be when I kid doesn't call me "mean" for not letting them play outside after they've misbehaved all day. While it started off a bit rough, the kids kind of got that I was bullshitting them when I said I wouldn't take them out if they weren't behaving. They did their homework, and took them outside. Normally when its a group of kids, they try and impress each other and act up, and thats when my job gets tough. But the part that makes me really happy, that makes me realize that this is more than just a regular part-time job, is when I get one on one time with kids. Sometimes I'll get kids that'll nonchalantly discuss pretty heavy stuff, like being in the hospital, or separated parents. Its always cool to see how they see things like that, and how they treat it like a small part of their lives. Sometimes, if I'm up to it, I'll play with the kids outside. They really enjoy seeing a much larger person walk through the monkey bars, or climb up a ladder in two steps. Playing with them talks a lot of energy, but it always makes me happy. 

Heres to more healthy living, physically and mentally. Love ya! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ready To Fuck It Up (In A Beautiful And Loving Way)

Its a Monday, and I'm back from the weekend pretty much cured of the common cold and ready to fuck my life up (in a beautiful and loving way).

I went to my therapist today, for the first time in forever, and I feel like a new man. If you haven't been to a therapist, I'd like to describe it as taking your brain to the mechanic. Your car (brain) is going to need a tune up every once and awhile. It feels like my therapist and I kinda sit there and take my brain out, and scrub it nice and clean. Its a brain shower. Its fantastic. Going today really helped me sort my shit out, by reminding my that I need to adjust my short term goals and act on them. For example, by summer I'm going to want a new job (preferably something in television or film). So instead of sitting here and saying I want a job, I need to actually set aside some time to look for jobs every day.

This afternoon I went to grab some lunch, and realized I needed to do some grocery shopping. I was pretty bummed because I ended up failing myself and eating McDonalds, something that I've been trying to quit and kind of consider an addiction (as silly as that sounds). After work I went shopping, so that doesn't have to happen again. I'm hoping to start a new work out this, from a set of videos posted by Tom Daley. While the videos kind of seem like he's pandering towards a gay audience (aka he's shirtless a lot), the guy is an olympic athlete so he obviously knows his stuff.

Today was another step in becoming a better person! I'm excited for starting more tomorrow! Love ya!

P.S I posted a new video where I try to make a smoothie, check it out!

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Life I'm Meant To Live vs. The Life I Want To Live

There was a sketch on SNL two seasons ago parodying the show Girls, which itself is a satire of millennials. The first line is "Honestly, I feel like I'm living the life I was meant to be living, I just wish it was the life I wanted to be living!" I hate that I think of this line everyday, and that it relates to me so much. I'm such a fucking millennial stereotype that lines from a parody of a satire relate god damn life.

I'm far from living the life I want to live. Ideally, at 20 years old, I'd be living on my own in a major city like L.A or New York (a city that's also a major entertainment hub), and going to school for mass. communications. I'd be watching tv shows and movies nonstop, taking notes for the the things I'm making. And when I'm not doing that, I'm spending time with friends somewhere low-key like a bar or an apartment. I'd be recording things down in my life, whether on film or in writing, for personal reflection and to serve as inspiration for future projects.

I'm rereading what I just wrote and its not so much different from the life I'm living now. I've got a group of friends I hang out with at "low-key" places. I record things down from my life (though I'm not sure how much of it is meaty enough to serve as inspiration). I'm also watching tv shows and movies nonstop, but the reasoning behind it is normally boredom, not to take notes for future projects.

The only clear difference is living on my own in a major entertainment hub of a city, but I'm not sure if it'd be exactly possible right now. Or maybe it would be, but I'm just nervous about the emotional and physical sacrifices it would take right now. Is that something I'd be capable of? I like to think it would be.

This is without a doubt the life I'm meant to be living but for reasons I'm not sure of. Maybe it'll push me towards the life I want to be living. Maybe one day the life I'm meant to be living will become the life I want to be living. Maybe one day I'll make the life I want to be living a reality.

Good night pals, love ya!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writers Block

The cold is subsiding, and I can feel myself getting back to normal. I'm really excited to get back to work on myself once I feel completely better. I'm noticing though that I'm running out of "inspiration" easily, and it may be because I don't have much variety in my activities. I only have like 8 things I ever do, and I think if I were to go out and try new things and have more to write about. But that begs the question, what the hell can I do?

I'd like to do some research into interesting things there are in Miami (I'm sure theres something), or just Florida in general. Not only would it give me great blogging topics, but it'd make for killer vlogs. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them. Or just any suggestions for post in general? What do you like seeing from me? Let me know! Good night friends! Love ya!

Healthy Living - Update

Today while out with some friends, someone asked me how my health plan had been going, which inspired the whole table to start asking me. It sucked to sit there and say that I haven't really followed through completely.

Once I get over this cold, I'm 100% going to work out regularly again, and not just once a week. I've got my classic exercise plan that I use, but I think I need to find some more so I can alternate and have a bit of variety. Not just because I feel like it'd be good for my body, but I think I'd be more willing to work out if I wasn't doing the same routine every time. Eating healthy is going alright, I think I could be doing a lot better. I'd like to lay off of fast-food, and while I'm not sure how well that'll work out, I think its worth giving a shot. I need to learn a few more quick things to be able to make for lunch, because I assume I'll be sick of sandwiches and wraps pretty soon. I tend to look for 'healthy alternatives' when I'm out to eat, but I don't all the time, which is something I need to fix.

I'd really like to see some difference within the next couple months, and I think its possible if I'm stick to this and don't stray from it. It'll be great way to assure myself that my work is paying off. Not only that, but summer is fast approaching and I need to get my #beachbod ready. Good night pals, love ya!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm Sick (Not The Cool Kid Kind)

I'm sick. Not the cool sick like the kids are saying, I mean congestion, sore throat and overdosing on cold medicine sick. I woke feeling absolutely terrible, skipped work/school and slept for most of the day. Once my family got home, I hung out with them for a bit and watched some Fuller House. Fuller House is one of the best television shows of this lifetime, and if you haven't started watching it you are a severely hurt individual that needs help.

My being sick kinda sucked because I was really hoping to get a lot of shit done today. Hopefully within the next couple of days, I'll feel well enough to do some things on the ever-growing to-do list. Updates to come. But for now, this night quill is starting to kick so I should go. Bye pals, love ya!

Hillary Clintons Night Out


Saturday night, I went to this nasty ass venue at 1am for a killer show by my friends band, Cannibal Kids. It was right by the airport, which for the most part isn't the greatest neighborhood, on the second floor of a warehouse in a shopping center. It lacked proper air-conditioning and lighting, so as I walked up the stairs, my glasses began to fog up and I had no idea where I was going. I slid across the floors (shout out to the condensation) to find the bathroom. If the pierced girl who I paid my entry fee too hadn't told me the bathroom was in the back and to the left, I would still be lost today. 

A flyer for the show encouraged people to bring blow-up dolls, which seemed interesting . I went out and bought one named Horny Hillary based off the Hillary Rodham Clinton. She's a lot more lifelike  than to the real Hillary. I brought her to hang out at my friends house before the concert, and she had a great time. I had to throw her in a bush when my friends sisters surprised us outside, but once they left Hilz came out to party. We went on the swing set, and danced to Rihanna, she had a really great night. But she was pretty disappointed when I had to leave her in my car once I got to the show and realized no one else had a god damn inflatable woman. 
Of course Horny Hilz is wearing a shirt. She may be a blow-up doll, but she's still a lady.                                            
Cannibal Kids had the crowd jumping around and pretending they were at a bonfire on the west coast, which was nothing new from them. Despite the shit venue, everyone was having a great time. Having friends around you while you listen to some great tunes tends to help you forget about the shitty situations you're in. 

Getting Hillary into my room at 3am was less difficult than I thought it'd be, I forgot she was a fake human filled with air. I threw her into the corner, and fell asleep. My family discovered her the next morning, and enjoyed her a lot more than I thought they would. When you're teaching children about human anatomy, I highly recommend buying a blow-up doll (it doesn't have to be a Hillary Clinton replica). 

It was a killer night, a long hellish night, but killer nonetheless. 

Good night pals, love ya!