Thursday, February 11, 2016

#TBT - Developed Film

Look at this edgy ass picture I took on my early 2000's camera over Winter Break. Cigarettes in a Smirnoff bottle?? Oooooh ouch oooooh

I developed a few pictures today, and I figured I'd share some of my favorites! 

My family hates putting tinsel on the tree, but ever since I saw A Christmas Story I've been obsessed with it. I feel like it gives it a old timey vibe 

I've started trying to sneak as many pictures of my Abuelo in as possible, because I know I'm going to appreciate them one day. Also, he's just so god damn adorable.

I was walking around Thugz Oasis (the instagram location for my cousins backyard) and started taking a couple pictures of their garden. I really liked the look of the reflective ribbons surrounded by all the green.   
And heres some pictures that aren't new, but are still my favorites 

I took this while sitting with my best bud, riding ahead of my siblings at The Fair. It reminds me of the great time we had that day, and how much I enjoy spending time with them. 

I hate how edgy this picture seems like its supposed to look, but I love it nonetheless 
On one of my favorite rides at Disney, The Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Its also a great reminder of the good times my best bud and I have on there, since we ride it every time we go.

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