Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mustached Man With A Plan

I hate that I'm a grown man that chuckles at the numbers 69 and 420. I have a mustache, I shouldn't be finding these things funny. What kind of successful mustached man laughs at 69 and 420? None.

Tonights been a pretty chill night. I marathoned the last few episodes of Transparent, and truly got to appreciate the acting of my #wcw Hari Nef. I've obviously seen a few pictures of Hari from her modeling, and I've listened to a couple of podcasts that featured her. She's a really great role model for young trans women, and women overall. My best bud wrote a really cool piece about her last week, and you can find it here.

Tomorrow I'm planning on having a pretty sweet day. My sister asked me to pick her up from work, so I'm going to be leaving my house a bit earlier and stopping to develop some film. One of my favorite parts of using film is not remembering what pictures I took, all I remember about this roll is that I used it during the past couple on months. I'm also planning on going thrift shopping. I'd like to find a few things for myself, but I'm really going to be looking for things that I can start a clothing store online with. I'm hoping tomorrow goes smoothly, and that I can come home from work and do some homework/create a better website for myself.

Heres to a great tomorrow!

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