Friday, February 5, 2016

Must Watch List - Netflix

Here are some underrated gems to stream this weekend while you're prepping for your Super Bowl party, or stuck inside because of the inevitable rain.

World Of Tomorrow - Don Hertzfeldt is notorious for his simple looking cartoons with existential meanings. World of Tomorrow is no exception, although its 17 minute running time may trick some. The movie was created by recording Hertzfeldt's niece while she played, and has a storyline structured around things she said during the recording. Thats as much as I'll say, because its probably best to go in knowing as little as possible.

Welcome To Me - Kristen Wiig adds another level of creative brilliance to this story of a woman who wins the lottery and creates her own talk show. The plot sounds like an SNL skit, and could've ended up coming across as one, if Kristen Wiig (Ironically a former SNL cast member) had not given the performance that she did.

Chelsea Does - Chelsea Handler hosts this documentary series with her usual dirty wit, which we're well acquainted with after her 7 seasons on Chelsea Lately. What we get from this show that we didn't get from her past one, is the sense that Chelsea is more than just a comedian. She's someone who actually seems to want to learn about the world, and improve on herself and her comedy. This all comes through specifically in Chelsea Does Racism, when the comedian who notoriously uses stereotypes, when she travels the country looking at how race is treated.

John Mulaney The Comeback Kid - I find John Mulaney's comedy to be extremely relatable, because we're both men in boyish bodies with awkward catholic childhoods. His stories of meeting Bill Clinton, and auditioning for Home Alone are stuff of legends. I assure you the stand-up special is hilarious despite the poster looking like North Korean propaganda.

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