Friday, February 26, 2016

I Started Writing a Rom-Com!

I recently mentioned that I fell in love with Love, one of Netflix's newest original series. I describe it as the rom-com millennials deserve, it's reminiscent of the good ol' days were a lady would use cum as hair gel and Richard Gere would pay a prostitute to be fancy. While it evokes the same feelings that a classic would, it's writing is fresh and new. The soundtrack includes some of the most underrated love/anti-love songs of our time, from This is The Way of The World by Earth Wind and Fire to Just a Friend by Biz Markie.

Coming off the 'love' high, both from real life love and the show Love, I was inspired to start writing a script. I'm not sure whether I want it to be a rom-com or an anti-rom-com, or if I'll even continue to write this. There're some obvious parallels between the writing, my love life, and Love. The story would basically be a guy breaking up with someone, and being incredibly heartbroken. His friend comes to help him out, realizing he doesn't really have a life since he committed his all to the relationship

It's a pretty simple concept, so it wouldn't be too hard to shoot myself if it reached that point. But I've only written a page of a script, so I shouldn't get ahead of myself. It would obviously need a shit ton of tweaking to get to that point.

Its kinda weird to share something like that on here, since I'm always posting strictly autobiographical stuff. You'd think I'd be more scared of posting details of my life than sharing something from my imagination. Love ya, pals! 

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