Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How To Avoid A Shitty Day

I'm feeling the midweek slump coming on, and I've got to kick myself out of it. Today ended up being a kinda shitty day because I let myself get into a bad head space. I'd expand on what specifics made my day shitty, but I don't think I need to dwell on it. Luckily though, my friends and family were there for me (without them realizing it). My family took care of me when I had to leave work early (I didn't feel well) and my friends helped me get over/distracted me from my negative thoughts. I can not stress the importance of finding and maintaining a great support system. Whether its a small or large number, its incredibly helpful to have people you can count on to be there for you no matter what. 

My plan for kicking the midweek slumps ass? I'm going to wake up early tomorrow, and make myself breakfast. I'll do things that I know for a fact will make me happy, and healthy. That includes things like surrounding myself with loved ones, cleaning myself up, and focusing on school and work. I'll put myself back in the headspace that prevents me from having days like today. I'm going to make tomorrow a great day. 

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