Thursday, February 4, 2016

Future Weekend Diary

I've got a little mustache going right now, and I did 10 pushups. I am feeling like A MAN!!! Working out has made me feel really great, and I'm really excited to keep this up (now that I know its effects on my emotions). I never thought I would, but I've definitely begun to believe in workout highs.

On Saturday morning, I'm planning on venturing out onto the streets of Miami and going yard sailing. Last weekend I was told of a toy collector who's having a sale this week, and I'm really excited to check that out. I'm also planning on going to my friends concert on Saturday with some other friends, which should be a really good time! The venue is incredibly sketchy, above a mechanic in Little Havana. But once you get inside, you end up meeting some really cool people and spend time with your friends in a really cool venue.

Unless something crazy happens, I'm planning on keeping up the entertainment themed friday posts tomorrow with a must-stream list for the weekend. I'm having trouble deciding on what kind of video to make this weekend, but I'll be posting a poll on twitter (@chriismolina) to help me figure it out.

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