Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday Recap On Whats Technically Now Saturday

Sure, its technically Saturday, but f that lets look back on Friday!

I woke up feeling a bit cloudy mentally/physically and wasn't sure what to do about it. I did groceries for myself, watched Love on Netflix (its really funny, highly recommend it), nothing too special. My best bud, Thomas, called me during his lunch break and I told him how I was feeling and he suggested I work out. I was hesitate, but he told me to stop making excuses when I know I'd feel better if I worked out. Thomas was right (as they tend to be), and within an hour I felt a lot better. I went to work on a work out high, and crushed it!

Once I got home, I rested for a bit before going to my friend, Loegan's, brothers basketball game. I'm pretty sure I've written about them before, but just incase lets do a quick flashback. A few weeks ago Loegan invited me to a game, and I went just for the hell of it. Since its middle schoolers, I wasn't expecting anything great. Little did I know, these games are intense as hell! I've started to enjoy going not only to spend time with my friends, but surprisingly because I enjoy the games! After tonights game, I had to play bus driver for a quick sec and drive my brother and sister home from a show at school. After that I met with my friends Isabella and Daniel at P.F Changs, and celebrated a late Chinese New Year. I hadn't seen them in a few weeks, so it was really great to hang and catch up. I was a bit worried that I'd end up third wheeling, but it felt like the total opposite and was hella fun.

I drove home sleepy, ready to lay down and write my post for the day and I'm now doing just that. I hope you all have a great weekend! Love ya, pals!

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