Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chandelier: The Musical!

I just left The Phantom of The Opera (Or Chandelier: The Musical!) and holy fuck. I started to tear up when the chandelier came out, it was honestly the best part of the show. The actors, the music, the costumes, they were great, sure! BUT THAT FUCKING CHANDELIER THOUGH!!! I never thought I'd be a light fixtures biggest fan. I started to tear up when it lit up for the first time while DAAAA DUM DAA DUM DAAAA was playing on the organ. The shows technical aspects were unlike anything I'd ever seen before. The set reminded me of something I would've played with when I was a kid, excluding the pyrotechnics. I really identified with the Phantom, because I would also hold a theater full of people hostage till they performed the musical I wrote. 

While I enjoy theater, its kinda where I draw the line between what I enjoy and what I can to do. I think its a lot of fun, but I highly doubtful that I'd be able to become a successful stage actor. The blow of lacking theatrical acting ability is softened by my constant pretending that I'm in a musical. 

I've got a busy day filled with Oscar Nominees and math homework planned for tomorrow, so I should go get some sleep. Love ya, pals! 

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