Saturday, February 27, 2016

Blow-up Doll Concert

Ya'll are pervs. The post I published on Tuesday got significantly more views than anything else I've posted this week. Lesson learned, I've just gotta threaten to have boobies in a post for it to be popular.

I've got a few friends down for the weekend, and a friend who's band is playing a show on Saturday night. I'm expecting it to be an interesting night, considering the show is at 1 am. I'm not much of a night owl unless I'm sitting in my bedroom. I haven't been outside past midnight in a while, so I really have no idea what its like. What happens past midnight? Is it safe? Do I turn into a monster once the moon comes out? We'll see tomorrow night.

My friend who's playing suggested we bring blow-up dolls to the show, because apparently thats what everyone will be doing. I've never touched a blow-up doll in my life, so I'm pretty pumped. Part of me wants to go out and buy one, but another part of me realizes that I shouldn't buy an inflatable woman for a one night event. Where would I even buy one? I wish I could just rent one. Like balloon prostitution.

Look forward to a vlog coming out sometime before Monday here, and in the mean time, catch up on my latest vids. Hope you all have a great weekend. Love ya, pals!

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