Tuesday, February 9, 2016

An Exciting Night For An Incredibly Busy Man

I was struggling getting an appointment with my therapist, and I started to believe that I was going to have to get a second therapist to discuss my therapist issues. But luckily, we decided on having a phone session. The funny thing was, I was so pumped to have this session but I kind of just drew a blank on the phone. I still had things to talk about, but compared to our conversations a few months ago, it was incredibly dry. While I love my therapist, I definitely want to say this is a good thing! The one major difference between then and now? Blogging af. Every day, I'm forcing myself to reflect on my own day and its really helped me grow as a person. I'm definitely planning on still seeing her, because believe me, theres still a hell of a lot more work to be done. But I'm glad that I've progressed this far.

I had a sweet moment with my mom earlier when she told me she and my dad wanted the family to start going to church regularly again. She told me that in the process of picking a church, it was very important to both of them that they choose a church with a community thats supportive of lgbtq rights. While its known that I'm not currently planning on going to church regularly myself (probably a couple times a month), I'm glad that they felt like they needed that sort of community even with my sporadic presence. My mom made it a point to meet with the head priest of a possible Molina church to discuss their feelings about a supportive congregation. Luckily, the priests at this church are incredibly supportive of LGBTQ rights, and would even like it if there was some sort of group for families with LGBTQ members! I'm really excited to visit with my family, because this really does sound like the perfect place for us!

There was a lot to be excited about tonight, and I'm glad it all happened. This week is shaping up to be great so far, so I'm incredibly excited to see how the rest of it goes. I've still got to find time to make a video, and I'm thinking of starting to sell some clothes on Etsy. I'm an incredibly busy man.

P.S I made this picture of Bernie balancing basketballs on his finger wags, which was also exciting

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