Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekend Playlist - 1/29/16

I did a lil poll on twitter to see what todays post should be and a Weekend Playlist was the winner so here we go! I've posted it on Spotify, and I've also written it below with some added reasoning for adding each song.

Weekend Playlist 1/29/15

  1. EOS - Rostam
    • I've been listening to this in the car lately, and really matches up with the rainy weather in Miami. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful, and the production is stellar. 
  2. Leave A Trace - CHURCHES 
    • I have vivid memories of living in Orlando, blasting this song while driving down I-4. I heard it for the first time since while out with some friends this week. It was really weird being in one place, really enjoying myself, but also feeling nostalgic, wanting to be driving down I-4.  
  3. Crying in Public - Chairlift 
    • My best bud introduced me to this song while in Orlando last weekend, and it really gave me 90's adult contemporary vibes. It reminded me of being a kid, hearing Dido or Alanis Morissette on the radio. 
  4. Roses - The Chainsmokers 
    • I vote The Chainsmokers for the artists I least expected myself to enjoy. Granted, I never go out of my way to listen to them, I only wait for them to play on the radio. The best part of this song though is at 1:20-1:30, and since I only hear it in the car, I always do this weird shoulder pop and lock thing. Its a fun time. 
  5. Bennie & The Jets - BØRNS 
    • This cover was a pleasant surprise, because I've been digging both Elton John and BORNS lately. Its a cool mix of modern and 70s music, that'll satisfy both you and your parents tastes. 
  6. Help Me Run Away - St. Lucia
    • My favorite producer, Jack Antonoff, worked on this track so its not really a surprise I enjoyed it. It gives me that really good, freeing feeling you get when you're listening to a great song with your windows down on the turnpike. BONUS: There may be an accidental reference to Epcot's The American Adventure, but I'm not quite sure yet.  
    • I just wrote a whole fucking post on this song, but basically it's disappointment but still a god damn banger. 
  8. Wood - Rostam 
    • I listened to this on Thursday while driving out of school, and it filled me with so much fucking goodness and love. Rostam's written some backstory on the production, and all the inspiration he described comes through. I find it pretty impressive that he incorporated the Persian music he grew up with into the song, and I hope I can incorporate parts of my Cuban culture into whatever form of art I end up producing in the future. 
  9. Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen 
    • I'm absolutely positive EMOTION will never get old, and Carly Rae will be considered a musical god in the years to come. Boy Problems is fun as hell, and is the type of song you'd play at a slumber party while you painted your nails. Its a kick ass, positive way to end this playlist and get you in the mood for your weekend! 

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