Monday, January 11, 2016

The Highs and Lows of The 2016 Golden Globes


  • Oscar Issac: Theres just something about his presence that makes me giddy. Whether he's flying an X-Wing or addressing the lack of diversity in Hollywood, he looks and acts like a star and I'm 100% here for it. Not only do I have a slight crush on him, but its really awesome to see someone who's also hispanic/latino become one of Hollywoods biggest stars.

  • Julianne Moore's dress: She looks like she's come from the future to kick my ass.

  • Rachel Bloom's win: Probably the most satisfying moment of the night was the unexpected win for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom. I've watched the show since the premiere, and have enjoyed the hell out of every episode but I didn't think it would ever get any recognition.  Bloom, who's also the creator and writer, has clearly put her heart into the show and its great to see her receive praise for it. 
  • The "Yahs Gaga": An anonymous audience member shouted "YAHS GAGA" while Lady Gaga went up to accept her award for AHS: Hotel. The phrase, which was first made popular by this video, has become a huge meme so its weird to have it come up at an awards show. Life imitates art, I guess. 
  • DiCaprio: So many great things happened with Leo tonight. Lets start by recognizing his fear of Lady Gaga, which is sure to be all over the internet tomorrow. We also can't forget his win for The Revenant. While its not his first Globe, it is a strong indicator of whether or not he has a chance of winning his first Oscar, with the past 3 Globe winners also winning the Oscar. Side note: I've seen the trailer for The Revenant multiple times and I'm not sure what its about. Beards? Being buried alive? Snow? 
  • Ricky Gervais: There was an audible groan throughout the world when it was announced Gervais would be hosting the Golden Globes for the millionth time. Known for his "edgy" and "dark" sense of humor, Gervais made every celebrity you've ever loved pity laugh tonight. His monologue was rough, but we got through it together. 
  • Mel Gibson: You know, I'm not sure exactly what it was Mel Gibson did. I was young when he did it, but I faintly remember something antisemitic. Also, a movie with a talking Beaver? Ever since then I've disliked him. There was a moment it looked like Gervais and Gibson were about to get in a drunken fist fight, and I got really excited. 
  • Mozart In The Jungle: Listen, I'm sure the show is great. I'm majorly biased since I haven't seen it, but I really didn't understand why it won. I'm totally going to give it a chance, but even after this win I'm still, for some reason, a bit skeptical. Why is Mozart in the Jungle?
  • Channing Tatums Hair: I don't need to explain this. 

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