Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Fatherly Instincts or Rising Testosterone?

Today after I got home from work, my friend invited me to go over her house to check out some new furniture. Little did I know, she actually needed help building some furniture. She didn't only invite me to build her furniture, I'm pretty sure she thought she could do it herself. Anyway, I got to her house and got right to work building a desk. I don't know if its my fatherly instinct, or my rising testosterone levels (from working out), but I really enjoyed helping out with the fixing of her room. Luckily, I was compensated with dinner and great conversation. She and I hadn't hung out in a while, so it was really nice to spend time with her.

Look at me building things! Check out the gatorade bottle, gotta to stay hydrated!
I also took my car to the mechanic. I've taken a car to the mechanic before, but not as alone as this trip was. I still needed some help from my parents, figuring out what needed fixing and what to ask for, partly because of a language barrier. For the most part though, this is all on my own. I'm paying for it all myself (luckily I thought mechanics were much more expensive then they are). I'm on the fast track to becoming a stable adult. Stop the world, because I'm getting on!

Tomorrow after work, I'm driving up to Orlando for the long weekend and spending some time with my best bud. We're going to Sea World, which I'm nervous about because haven't been to since watching Blackfish. We may also go to Disney, but for all we know Sea World will literally have us dead. I'm also really excited because we're going to go to the best comic book store, and I finally get to update myself on the adventures of Howard The Duck and Squirrel Girl!

Today was a good day, and I expect tomorrow to be great! I get to take a four hour drive (extra long jam sesh), its a work out day, and its a Friday!

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