Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Met A Chicken!

This is my first time writing a post on the blog app and it's really weird, but I shouldn't complain since its letting me blog from far off exotic places. That's right, I'm in Jacksonville, Fl for the weekend for a family wedding!
I'm sitting by a bonfire at my cousins house, goofing around with my brother and sister. One of those things that doesn't seem like a big deal in the moment, but probably ends up being a life long memory. We explored the yard for a little bit, needing to walk since we were in the car for at least 8 hours. My cousins have a small section cornered off for their chickens, and I was able to get a pic with them, thankfully.

This morning, long before the car ride, the bonfire and the chickens, I had class. There were multiple things that made me want to turn around (never ending rain, forgetting to take my heart medz, feeling tired) but I put all of that in a tiny box and locked away. A mistake I've made in past semesters was taking advantage of colleges lex attendance policies, which always affected my grade. This year I'm trying to be more responsible, and that means making sure I'm at every class, rain or shine, heart medz or not. 
During the car ride up to Jacksonville, my family and I listed to Hamilton in its entirety. It was my first time hearing it in whole, and let me just say how fucking blown away I was. I can't imagine seeing that on stage, just listening to it is a transformative/inspirational experience. It really motivates you to get shit done, which really matches up well with my life as of late. 
Hamilton kind of put a fire under my ass, and made me remember that I need to start creating some sort of video content and posting it up. I also need to improve this website, and make it look better (whether that means fixing my settings, or finding a new host site). 
Anyway, I'm having a really chill night, and I'm feeling really motivated to do more shit, so I'm a very happy boy! 

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