Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Kinda Won The Lottery

Before I start anything, I have to brag that I think I won the lottery. Its about 11 dollars, and I spent 10 on tickets, so I'm only making a dollar BUT STILL!!! I'm a lottery winner! I've joined an elite society of Americans, that comes with perks such as having access to an underground tunnel system and free continental breakfasts in every major city.

On top of winning the lottery, I ate pretty fuckin healthy and worked out! I'm the epitome of health! Its not too hard to do, honestly. I partially treat it like a game, pretending the things I'm doing give me extra life points. And I partially treat it like normal life. I try not to make a huge deal out of the fact that I'm switching up my lifestyle a little bit, because then theres added pressure.

During dinner tonight (Side note: My dad made some fire meatloaf) my dad brought up the fact that I've only made one video this year, and I said i would do one every week. I completely forgot about that, and I'll have to figure out what to shoot a video about later on! Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, this morning my dad brought up the fact that I hadn't mentioned his kidney stones in my blog. So shout out to my dads kidney stones.

Yesterday, I told myself I would make today a better day and I did! I put my mind to it and I got that shit done! Heres hoping I make tomorrow just as great, or even greater!

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