Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cleaning My Room and My Digestive System

It always makes me feel really special when people start to talk to me about my blog. Tonight I went out with some friends, and they mentioned how they read it everyday. I was skeptical till they proved themselves by making specific references to my previous posts. I can see the amount of people that read each post on the computer, but that doesn't really mean anything, its just a number. It really makes me happy when people come to me in real life and talk to me about something I've written, it proves that I'm not just shouting in an empty auditorium, that people are actually interested in what I have to say.
This is not my real mom, search for the word "mom" for more information.

My day started off pretty great! I made a kick ass breakfast, egg whites (with ham, mozzarella and spinach) and greek yogurt. After that I got to work on my room, starting to throw out trash and taking forgotten dishes to the kitchen. When I say forgotten dishes, I'm referencing the dishes you accidentally leave in your room, that then turn weird and crusty. I took a break to go to class and when I came back I had a quick lunch and went back to work while I watched Seinfeld. Then again, I took a break to go to work, and once I got back home I began the third round of cleaning. I own a lot more shit than I expected, mostly unimportant papers or empty bottles. I still have a bit to go, so I'll hopefully finish tomorrow. I didn't think it would be a two day job but like I said before, I own a lot more shit than I expected.

I'm expecting tomorrow to be a lot more relaxed compared to today, so heres hoping that comes true! 

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