Monday, January 25, 2016

Botox and Cigarettes (My Orlando Weekend Recap)

With the start of another week, comes new ideas and challenges for myself. Before I get into any of those, lets do some fun weekend recapping.

When we last left our hero (Thats me, Chris) he was pumped as heck for his weekend trip to visit his best bud in Orlando. Little did Christopher know, the weekend was going to be much greater than he had anticipated....

Alright, I'm switching back to first person...

While things didn't always go as planned, it was still a great time which I'll contribute in part to my great company and my practicing to turn negatives into positives. On Friday night, I drove up to Orlando right after work. I sang, danced, and told bad jokes, like any usual Friday night. I imagine myself doing this a lot more often, if my bank account is willing. On Saturday, my buds and I went to see The Hateful Eight. While it was an amazing movie, let me warn you that you may want to prepare yourselves for a long ride. The movie is incredibly lengthy, so it'd be worth shelling out a few more hundreds for a large popcorn. Daisy Domergue is my new problematic fav, hands down.

Over the weekend, my best bud and I went to Whole Foods a total of 4 times. I never really saw myself as a Whole Foods guy (I'm more of a Publix brand kinda guy) but let me fucking tell you, I'm a Whole Foods guy now! The place is incredible, and I really want to start doing some groceries there. I really feel like it'll help me out with my trying to build muscle, and eating healthier resolution. I found plenty of food that had 20+ grams of protein, while what I usually have never exceeds 10. We also went to the mall a couple times, where I bought a great Calvin Klein t-shirt. I never really saw myself as someone into labels, but I guess thats changing.

On Sunday, me and my best bud went to Epcot, the most hip of all the parks. Theres a new exhibit about color, and the different ways they effect out mental state, which was incredibly interesting. One room caused for an incredibly cool photo op. After exploring for a bit, we had a sweet lil lunch in Japan and I discovered my love for green tea ice cream. I'm really hoping they sell it in normal supermarkets, because I can see it becoming my next obsession.

That was my weekend. I'm really proud of how it went, and how calm it was. I tend to work things up in my head, and that tends to be the origin of all my stress, so I'm really proud of myself for straying from that! I'm excited to get my week started tomorrow, and continue all my resolutions!

P.S I'm still working on video ideas so please bear with me, I apologize for your "Chris Content"-less weekends

P.P.S The name of this blog comes from an episode of The Kardashians, which I promised my bud I would name this after. I'm sorry for the disappointing lack of both botox and cigarettes (hmm that gives me a great video idea, actually).

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