Monday, January 18, 2016

Back 2 Life, Back 2 Progress

I worked out, didn't half ass it, and I feel REALLY good! I started off last weekend by only doing one set, and slowly got into the full three sets today. I was sure to stretch a little before starting, it wasn't much but it still helped. Once I started, I made sure to breath correctly, and go slowly with each exercise. Unfortunately though, I didn't eat as well as I would've liked too this weekend. Being on vacation, it was really hard to good healthy, protein filled foods (with a few exceptions). I think it'd be good to look into what other people do when they're in that situation, whether I should pack some extra food or try harder to find quality food. But now that I'm back home, I don't see keeping up with the healthy diet and continuing to exercise will be hard. I'm excited to see how I feel towards the end of the week, because it'll be my first full week doing everything I've planned. 

During parts of the weekend, I felt stuck in some sort of time warp because I was in the same place physically and mentally as I was two years ago. It made me feel like I was stuck, and wasn't making any progress in myself, which really sucks after how positive I've tried to be this year. But once I started communicating my problems with friends, I began to feel better. I also asked myself why I felt this way, reflected on the past few weeks, and realized I was just playing tricks on myself. There was absolutely no reason for me to feel the way I felt. 

I'm really excited to get back to life after this weekend. I've got a lot to look forward to, like school, work, a show (!), and a possible weekend trip to Orlando to see my best bud! I'm ready to kick this four day weeks ass! 

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