Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A 2 For 1 Diary

Today was a pretty solid day, but considering the standards yesterday set, it was easy to do better! I randomly began to feel sick yesterday while walking to my car after class, and vomited all over myself. I felt like I had the life taken out of me, and slept right when I got home. I realized I wouldn't be able to make it to work, so I called in sick, and slept for the rest of the day. It was incredibly boring, and was excited to make up for it today!

I drove my brother and sister to school, and got complaints from my sister that I hadn't blogged about her surprise party last Friday. She missed out on having her party on a day I felt like writing a diary entry, and now you've all been warned. Plan your lives around my blog if you want it featured.

I was a little anxious about going to class, worried I would begin feeling sick again, but realized that I needed to grow a pair and go learn about linear equations. I drove straight to work afterward, and got to chat with my mom for a bit in her classroom (one of the many perks of working at the same place as your mom) before she went home. Work flew by, partly because I was given a class to substitute so there were a lot of new things to keep my mind occupied.

After work I went grocery shopping, and ran into one of my dads friends who said he enjoyed my New York vlog (Two compliments on my work in one day? RAD!!!). I also ran into a friend from high school who said I looked like a man now. Not sure what I looked like before, but I'm taking it as a compliment! I was able to buy a few more "healthy" foods, specifically breakfasts and snacks, which I'm excited to start eating tomorrow. Unfortunately since I didn't feel well yesterday and was still feeling a bit of the after effects today, I didn't work out. Tomorrow I'm assuming I'll feel well enough to start that up again, but we'll see.

The rest of my night was pretty chill. I had spaghetti with my family, and watched the State of The Union with my brother and sister. And by watch, I mean make comments about almost everything besides politics. I tweeted some of my genius commentary.

Sure yesterday was shitty, but I'm glad I was able to use that as fuel to turn today into a great day. And I'm sure tomorrow will be even better! 

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