Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Self image Is A Weird Thing

Self image is a weird thing because I know I'm here, I know I have a few friends, I know I have a loving family.
I have a lot trouble when people ask me to describe myself. I like that I can ask people to describe me and they can be honest and call me everything from funny to confident to an asshole. But who am I to me? Without basing the idea of myself off things other people have said, how do I know who I am?
Without being told by other people, how do I understand my value?
Am I funny? Is that my purpose? To provide entertainment to those who need it?
Am I creative? Can I present ideas and have people think in new ways?
(These are just two examples of the plethora of things I question myself on)
Thats my current struggle. I'm trying to understand myself without depending on others, but is that even possible? Would I be able to know that I'm funny without hearing laughter? Would I be able to know I'm creative without seeing interest in peoples faces?
And if thats the case, what am I doing with my life? Why am I not off doing great things?
Maybe I do understand my value, because where I'm currently at, I think I deserve a lot more. I want to provide more people with laughter and more people with wonderment.

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