Monday, August 3, 2015

Cis Man On A Pedestal

We can all agree that everyone deserves happiness. From ourselves to the cashier at your local supermarket, to the old man living down the street. Hell, even people on death row have a chance to have one final meal of their choosing. With this being an undisputed fact, why have we cornered off certain sections of our society? More specifically, the trans community. If we can agree that everyone deserves "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" why have we allowed ourselves to shut these people out for so long? 
Its hard to sit here as a cis man (Fairly easy compared to what these people put up with) and attempt to do them all justice. I've got a hell of a lot of privilege compared to other people in the world, so who am I to attempt to stand up for them? I know what I say will probably not be read by the world, and change everyones minds, but as long as I can help at least one person understand, I feel like I've done my part. 
80% of trans students feel unsafe at school due to their gender expression. 59% of students have reported verbal harassment in the past year. Thats a huge chunk of these children's lives in which they experience a living hell. Going through school was hard enough as just a regular kid, getting picked on for the stupidest insignificant things. Now imagine going to school and being picked on for who you are, something that rests at the core of your being. 
55% of trans women are denied work due to their sexual identity. From those who do get work, 29% are often refused promotions. For many of these women, having a normal 9 to 5 job is more of a dream than a reality. Many of these women are forced into sex work. This can lead to catching HIV, or AIDS, and leads to a hire risks of being put in dangerous situations. In 2012, a Cuban trans-woman named Rosita Hidalgo working as an escort in Miami was found gagged, stabbed, and slashed in her own apartment. 
I'm definitely not trying to make it seem like all trans women become sex workers, that have their lives ended too soon. There are numerous trans women out there who live beautiful, full lives. But unfortunately not everyone gets the chances that they got. These people need our attention. We can't just turn our cheek and pretend these people aren't being for being who they are!
We don't need to donate money to any charity or go and write letters to your senator (although both of those things would be amazing things to do). What we need to do is become mindful. We need to talk to our family/friends (you don't even have to force the conversation, just when it comes up) and say that that these people are no different than you and I, share these statistics, and tell them we all deserve a chance at a happy life. 

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