Friday, July 10, 2015

Welcome to whatever the hell this is!
I'll be posting about... who the hell knows! Movies/tv shows/music that I find interesting? My life? The world? I've got a blank canvas that I get to shit all over, so lets get to it!
First thing we're going to talk about, my blog. Who the fuck is this guy and why does he think people care about his opinions? Am I right?! There are literally millions of people sticking their butts up to their laptops and phones, farting out opinions, and this guy thinks his matter? You gotta be kidding me!
Also, what the fuck is that title? I guarantee you that he's going to change it 5 times by the time you're reading this. Tragic.
And lets not forget, why is he talking in third person? Does he think his opinions of himself are any less stupid if he does this? Let me be the first to say, he's wrong.

Wow, what a great first opinion piece! For more pieces like that, come back here. Or go to any other fucking place. Really, you can get this anywhere, I don't even know why you read this far, but congratulations. Go drink some water, or go jogging or something.

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