Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jobs or Lack There of

I graduated from high school about two and a half years ago. I've been looking on and off for a job ever since. Let me first say that, yeah, I could be trying a little harder to find a job. I could be running around town in a suit handing my resume out to every business I drive by. But that seems a little drastic. I'm not Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness.
Okay never mind, maybe I am?
So here I am, going on Craigslist and Indeed everyday hoping to find a job that'll fit me. I've been close to getting something a couple times. I was hired by the HRC (they hire anyone) but I really would not be able to spend 8 hours in the sun 6 days a week. Again, I'm not as desperate as Will Smith. I almost got a job at a local museum, but the owner ended up being very old, and forgot I had an interview (or that I even existed). And then, of course, theres the offerings for "FOOT GODDESSES" on Craigslist. While I think I have great feet, I'm not much of a Goddess. When I find an opening for "FOOT GOD" or "FOOT EMPEROR" then, obviously, I'm going to apply.
This years youth unemployment rate is lower than its been, which is fucking awesome. I think, as teens, having a job is one of the best things we could do. Not only does it teach us work ethic, but it leads to some awesome stories. I don't want to be sitting with my grandkids and say "One day while I was sitting at home, watching tv..." thats so god damn boring! I want my grandkids to be excited when I sit them down and start a story with "when I was bagging groceries" or "when I was a foot god."

I've got a graph, that means everything I say is true.
So with the youth unemployment rate as low as it is, why am I sitting here writing this? I mean, my resume isn't too bad. I know how to write a cover letter. I can tie a tie if you give me a couple minutes. (A bow tie is a different story. I got in a fight with my dad before my senior homecoming because we couldn't figure out how to do it for an hour.) Maybe I've got a typo on my resume that I haven't noticed? Or I've constantly got a piece of spinach in my teeth?

Please check out my open tabs...

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