Tuesday, July 14, 2015


     Its 4 o'clock in the morning, and I'm wide awake. I thought falling asleep early would be really smart of me, partly because its what you're supposed to do, and partly because I was just done being conscious for the day.
     Yesterday felt very funky. Not good disco movie funky either, I mean nasty in a funk funky. There wasn't really any main reason, I just took a reason to be upset and went with it. I know that isn't healthy, but once you start you can't really tell yourself to stop.
I thought this accurately described how I felt/feel

     But the good part about being in a funk is that'll stink up the place enough for things to come out of hiding. For example, I was finally able to tell my friends I wasn't really comfortable hanging around them when theres alcohol involved. Its nothing against them, I'd just rather not deal with the temptation. And they understood, which made me feel fantastic! I'm both proud of who I surround myself with most of the time, and the people that they've become. They're some of the strongest, kindest people I've ever know, and I'm so lucky to have them in my life.
     I also got a tad bit angry with my whole not having a room in my own home situation. Some back story first, my sister moved out a few years ago, I got my own room, then i moved away, my sister took my room, I moved back, I'm getting my own room and my sister is getting the garage, we're still trying to convert the garage so I'm stuck on the floor of my siblings room. This isn't an attack on any of my family members, and I'm sorry to them that I lost my cool. Its hard to keep your cool is hard to do when you're sleeping on the floor, with your belongings spread around the house. But the room should be done soon, and I should focus on that.
    Yesterday wasn't a terrible day, though. As I was sitting in the living room, surrounded by my belongings, I got an Instagram notification. My favorite band, Bleachers, reposted my video of me lip synching their song. They said it was "hilarious." It feels really fucking good, especially on a bad day, and especially looking back on it, to be called something you strive to be by your fucking idol. Fuck. I'm still in disbelief.

     Also, my mom made spaghetti, which is always great.
     Also, the first episode of Steven Bomb 3 premiered. Steven Universe is probably my favorite show on television right now, and for reasons that will be discussed at a later date. But the fact that a new episode aired and I was able to live text it with my best friend made my day gain a star.

If I had to recommend any show to watch right now, it'd be this

     Looking back on the day, it really wasn't that bad. METAPHOR: If my day were a picture, it'd be a pretty naturally bright picture. But for some reason theres a dark filter over it. Its not how I want it to look, but thats kinda just the way it is.
     Heres to a funky tomorrow. Not the nasty funky, the good disco movie funky.

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